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Cardinal Health
This presentation is a reproduction of work completed while a Sr. Product Designer at Cardinal Health. Due to a non-disclosure agreement, the detail of the work has been replaced with filler data and obscured to represent the final look and feel without disclosing sensitive data. For more information regarding the content of this work, please email me at
Ohio Health
A selection of work created while working at Ohio Health
Accessibility 3.0
The accessibility talk you haven't seen yet.
University of Cincinnati Medical Center
Leveraging research with design to develop a new design framework in the healthcare environment. I combine UX Strategy and Customer Experience Design to form a novel approach to designing service in the physical environment as well as digital products to support those services. An omnichannel solution that considers the entire system supporting business strategy and value innovation to deliver novel patient experiences.
Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Complications Interface
Part of an interdisciplinary team to help the Heart Institute at Cincinnati Children's Hospital design technology products. Hospitals are swimming and data, and we helped them better capture complications events by using this application. Children's Hospital went on to build this product and integrate it into their technology portfolio.
Saint Elizabeth Cancer Center
Healthcare value design analysis of novel RTLS technology at St. Elizabeth Cancer Center.
Presented my thesis to the 1819 Start-up Accelerator and earned an opportunity to pitch my project to the electrical engineering student body. Recruited and lead a team of four electrical engineers to develop a magnetically shielded sensor in pursuit of the DARPA, AMBIENT Design Challenge. A sensor which can overcome ambient magnetic fields from earth, the sun, electronic devices as well as other biological sources to measure human subject magnetic fields enabling mobile health diagnostics as well as Brain-Machine Interaction.
AMIA Conference Presentater
Presenter for my project team at the 2018 AM I A Conference in Scottsdale Arizona. Presenting is something that I excel at and a smaller group context. This was an opportunity for me to gain experience educating a larger crowd.
Translational Research
What Is Translational Research? In 1799 French soldiers of Napoleon's army discovered the Rosetta Stone. Before, Egyptian hieroglyphics were just pretty pictures to archaeologists. With the Rosetta Stone in hand, the archaeologist could interpret all Egyptian hieroglyphics and that is how I see translational research. Creating artifacts which reveal truths about the world we cannot see today.
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